Struggle With Self-Care For Early Childhood Professionals

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

As early childhood professionals, we know that self-care is important for us to do before we can begin to care for children and the families we serve. There is no shortage of ideas of self-care practices we can do The dilemma is finding the TIME to add this to our busy daily routines whether at work or in our personal lives. How can we add more to our overwhelming daily schedules? It is truly stressful to think about putting time aside to take care of ourselves. It is quite ironic how thinking about self-care can cause stress when it should be relieving the stress we already feel with our busy lives.

So how can we incorporate self-care in our daily routines without adding more to our daily schedule?

Self-care as a 'habit' not a routine.

When we view self-care as a 'routine', it is overwelming to think of adding another routine to our busy schedule. How about if we preceive self-care practices as habits rather than routines. Take for example, taking a lunch break is part of your daily work routine. Think of what you do on your lunch break. You warm up your lunch, go to the staff room, eat your lunch, etc... These are daily habits that take place during your lunch time routine. How can self-care practices be included into your lunch time routine? It could be listening to music, mediation, going for a walk or reading, etc.

Choosing self-care practices that focuses on what you enjoy doing is what matters during that routine.

The key is making sure to keep practicing self-care habits within your daily routine. Before you know it, you are incorporating self-care habits throughout your daily routines. You are taking time for yourself and most of all, taking care of YOU!

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