Stories For Children About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Stories can help young children learn more about the coronavirus

(COVID-19). As of now, there is no children’s hardcover, illustrated books that are available.

I was able to find the following online stories including social stories to share with children:

A free children’s book to help ease children’s fears about the coronavirus. It was created by Molly Watts, a Southampton paediatric intensive care nurse.

Nurse Dotty Books

Dave The Dog Is Worried About The Coronavirus

Nurse Dotty Books

Free Social Stories to Print & Download:

Coronavirus Social Story – SCCOE Organization

Created by @inclusioncollab

Coronavirus Social Story

St. Nicholas

Mind Heart Kids Social Stories

In English:

Other Languages

A great video clip for children to watch about social distancing.

Time to Come In, Bear: A Children's Story About Social Distancing

by Kim St. Lawrence

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