Let’s Go On A Bug Hunt

A great activity that children can chant along while going on the bug hunt.

Age: 3-8 (toddlers may enjoy


Materials/Equipment: optional :child-size magnifying glasses, instruments, “insects” - toys/ felt pieces or puppets

Adaptations: Havé children suggest different bugs like grasshoppers, ants, etc...

Going on a Bug Hunt Chant like Going On a Bear Hunt


We’re going on a bug hunt! (echo) We’re going to catch some big ones. (echo) What a sunny day. (echo)

Are you ready? OK! (echo)

Oh my! A bee! A black and yellow bee. Flying over flowers, BUZZZZ

Repeat Refrain

Oh my! A ladybug! A red, spotted ladybug, Crawling through the grass, SHHHHH

Repeat Refrain

Oh my! A dragonfly! A shimmering, blue dragonfly! Darting across the sky.  Dart, dart!

Repeat Refrain

Oh my! A butterfly! A pretty, orange butterfly, Floating in the sky, WHOOSH, WHOOSH

We’re going on a bug hunt! (echo) We saw some big ones!(echo)

See this and more fun activities on ECE Network Connections Youtube channel.

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