How Calm Kids Yoga Empowers Early Childhood Educators

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

I had the wonderful opportunity to learn more about Laura Fowler-Massie and how Calm Kids Yoga is committed to bring yoga to early learning facilities .

What is your background? Education, Work Experience

About Laura Fowler Massie ECE, M.Ed RCYT:

I graduated from college with my ECE diploma way back in 1984. I spent more than 25 years working as a frontline worker in licensed childcare, co-operative preschool, nature-based summer camps for children at-risk and in family resource programs as a drop-in co-ordinator and centre manager.

I have a two-year college diploma from Algonquin College in Ottawa, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Carleton University and a master’s degree in education with a specialization in college teaching from the University of Sherbrooke.

I am currently a college professor at CEGEP Heritage College where I teach

foundations in child development and play-based learning theory. I have been teaching at college since 2007.

I also hold many yoga certifications including training in Hatha yoga, Somayog

(somatic/restorative), children’s yoga, subtle yoga and yoga nidra. I have been teaching yoga since 2007 and I have been a yoga teacher trainer for several years. I am specifically interested in training early childhood educators and other early years professionals how to bring yoga into the work they do with children. For many years I went into childcare programs and lead PD workshops for staff. Recently, I have expanded those workshops into a 20 hour children’s yoga teacher training (YTT) certification program specialized for ECE’s. I am also creating an online version of the certification program which will launch in a few months.

Can you provide me with a descriptor of the services you provide? 

About Calm Kids Yoga Teacher Training: Specialized Yoga Training for Early Childhood Educators.

Mental Health:  Yoga for young children is very much about creating opportunities for them to feel what is going on in their bodies.  In this training, facilitators will learn how to help children recognize emotions and notice tension/stress in their bodies. This aspect of the training is all about strengthening emotional competence and supporting self-regulation.

Kinesthetic Learning:  Movement and gross motor play is also central to this training.  Children's yoga is all about playing games that encourage movement, imagination and fun. There is a focus on dramatic and pretend play through creative movement.  Movement is linked to the breath and works on calming the central nervous system thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

Play-Based Fun:  Toys, pictures, music and stories are all used to introduce yoga

movements and concepts. Some yoga philosophy is also introduced by using concepts related to kindness and compassion for self and others through storytelling.     

Who is Calm Kids Yoga Teacher Training for?

This 20-hour Children's Yoga Certification is designed specifically for Early Childhood Educators, Elementary School Teachers and other Early Years Specialists. Play and learning is central to this training. Through the use of games, songs, storytelling and a supportive, interactive learning environment, participants will learn specific tools, and teaching techniques they can use immediately in their classrooms.


What benefits does yoga provide children?


By incorporating yoga into early years classrooms, teachers help to cultivate an

environment where children can feel happier, calmer and more cooperative. Through the practice of yoga children will learn skills to help support self-regulation, body awareness and relaxation. Learning yoga helps to increase focus and concentration as well as encourage and support self-confidence and self-control. 


Program Description:

 Yoga philosophy and benefits for children

 Yoga as a helping and teaching tool

 Ages & Stages: Child Development and yoga

 Playing with yoga through games, music and movement

 Sample classes for preschool and early years teachers

 Storytelling and meditations

 Practice teaching

 Home Study


Course Materials:​

 Complete Calm Kids Yoga Teacher Course Manual

 Sample Activity Plans for different age groups

 Calm Kids Yoga Teacher Certificate

 Comprehensive Children’s Yoga Resource List

Calm Kids Yoga is a Registered Canadian Yoga Alliance School. Calm Kids is owned and operated by Yoga Chelsea. Currently the in-person 20 hour certification program cost $347 + tax. I am developing a comprehensive online version of this training which I plan to launch in the next few months.

How long have you been in business? Why did you start your business?

I started Yoga Chelsea back in 2007 and officially started Calm Kids Yoga in 2019. I I started these businesses because I feel that teaching and sharing yoga with adults and children is my way to support and strengthen their health and well-being. I know that ECE’s have very busy and challenging jobs. The work they do is so important and very labour intensive. W ith my Calm Kids Yoga Teacher Training, I hope to provide skills, tips and techniques that ECE’s and other early years professionals can use immediately with their children. Supporting best practice in teaching and learning by incorporating mindfulness, movement and positive guidance is central to why I do what I do.

How can early childhood professionals benefit from using your services?

This training is designed to give tools and strategies to ECE’s that they can adapt and implement immediately into their work with children. This training is hands on a practical and you do not need to be a yoga teacher to take the training and become certified.

How can we access your services?

By visiting my website you can learn more about the program and register for upcoming in-person training. The online training is coming soon.

For people interested in the online training, they can join my free Facebook group

In this group, I offer free tips and resources about using mindfulness and yoga with children every week. When the online course is ready to go, I will notify people via my webpage and this Facebook group.

Also, I have a Facebook Page that folks can follow if they are interested.

Anyone can reach out to me via email at if they have more questions.

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