Do's and Don'ts For Jobseekers After An ECE Interview

You have just finished a job interview for an Early Childhood Educator position. Unsure what to do now? Should you follow up with a thank you email or just wait to hear back from the potential employer? What if you do accept the job offer, but you changed your mind about taking the job? How should you deal with these different scenerios in a professional manner?

What to Do

Follow-Up Thank You Note

Send the employer a thank you note in an email, card or a phone call within 24 hours from the interview. A simple note thanking employer for their time and effort. If interested in the job, ensure to include it in the thank you note. This shows the employer you have enjoyed the interview and you are looking forward to working there.

What if you are not interested in the job postion?

Be courteous and withdraw your candidacy in the thank you

note. Tell the employer poiltely why you are not interested in the position wh

ether it be the job schedule, wage, etc...

What Not To Do

Avoid constant messaging the employer since there has been no response from the employer. After sending the thank you note, wait to hear back from the employers. During the interview, ask the employer when the candidates will be contacted. This will give you a better idea when to expect to hear from them.

Do not show up the workplace unless requested by the employer. Avoid harassing the employer and the employees from that workplace. Ths will DEFINITELY NOT get you the job!

What if you didn't get the job?

Stay positive! Accept it as a learning opportunity! Reflect on the interview. Consider what went well and areas you can improve on. If feedback is given why you didn't get the job, learn how to improve for the next interview. Be professional and avoid badmouthing the employer or the workplace whether in person or through social media. ECE is s small world, so word travels quickly amongst educators in the field. Avoid jeopardising your reputation that can affect your future career in the ECE field.

MOVE ON! There is plenty of job opportunities in the ECE field. Don't give up!

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