Interview with Debra Abraham, founder of Unique Get Together Society

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Debra Abraham, a single mother of six children, worked as a child protection social worker for the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Shehad worked in the Social Services field for the 23 years, In 2014, Debra and her son started Unique Get Together Society (UGTS), a non-profit organization offering programs and support to children with diverse needs and to their families in the Greater Vancouver Area.  In 2017, Unique Get together Society (UGTS) became a legal Canadian charity. ​ I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Debra and learn more about this wonderful organization in our community.   What is Unique Get Together Society`s mission? Our mission is simple ~creating a world where all you is ability. For us this is about creating change real sustainable social change. What services does the Society provide? Our focus is child development through physical literacy, there is so much research that proves physic literacy promotes brain development, regardless of your ability its every child right to have recreation in their community. physical literacy focus on after school recreation with an emphasis on FUN.  Programs we offer include: Boccci  Basketball Soccer Track and field  Science alive  Floorball Behaviour intervention ( creating behaviour change) Respite Parents day off Spring and summer camps Transit Training Day Care coming soon Employment thing in Trauma therapy One to One support Family support Pick u and Drop offs Who does the Society provides services for? All children welcome regardless of ability, personal are or behaviour, we get a lot of children  with behaviour challenges eg ADHD,. How can families access services? ​Access services on our website as well as through our facebook page We are located at 610 Main Street, Vancouver, BC 778-984-3766 How are services funded? We accept all ministry funding for fee service and access community grants, fundraising and donations. 40%  of our staff have a visible or invisible disability. What professional development opportunities offered to educators? Workshops offered Inclusion Training Trauma How can you become involved with the Society? To support Unique Get Together Society (UGTS), you can donate through our website.  Sponsorship opportunities for businesses. If interested in volunteering, please review our volunteer policies and fill out a volunteer application located on our website. For more information about Unique Get Together Society (UGTS), please visit us at

Thank you, Debra and to your son for your commitment to supporting children and their families through Unique Get Together Society (UGTS).  

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